How to fix aggressive dogs?

How to fix aggressive dogs?

You want to live a happy and stress-free life with your dog but it is getting difficult because of its unwanted aggression. It's no surprise that none of us want to live with an aggressive dog that can even attack other animals and people.

Having an aggressive dog means getting complaints from neighbors. Therefore you decided to solve this issue and fix aggressive dogs. The good news is that it is quite easy to fix aggressive dogs if you are following the proper ways for it.

Proud dog parent is taking the responsibility to help dog owners taking better care of their dogs. That is the reason we are here with a straightforward guide without any fluff.

But before that let me clear one thing that most of the online sites are offering wrong dog products and even information. The only purpose of such sites is to grab money from you without considering the dog’s health. At the same time, we are serving you with authentic information.

So let’s jump to the main topic and know how to fix aggressive dogs

Exercise your dog

We all know that dogs have their exercise and workout needs to function properly. Lack of exercise may lead to behavioral issues and aggression is one of these. It is highly recommended to know about The Breed, age, and health conditions of your dog before putting it into exercise. As a responsible dog parent, you must make a proper exercise routine for your dog so it will be easy to fix aggression issues.

Note that your dog should be trained to walk on a leash when it's about exercising the aggressive dog. Proper exercise will make your dog tired so it will get a good night's sleep. Exercise your dog is a simple and effective way to reduce behavioral for destructive issues.

Exercise is not just effective to treat behavioral issues but it also enhances your dog's energy. It keeps your dog healthy and treats body pain. There is nothing wrong if we say that exercise can give you a well-mannered and healthy pup.

Be calm with it

Within the ways of fixing aggressive dog behavior, the next one is to be calm. According to us, getting aggressive with your dog is not a proper way to treat its aggression problem. There is a possibility that your dog is aggressive just because you are aggressive with it and used to yell at it to make it behave well.

Most of the time owners' aggression is the root of the problem. Therefore it is highly recommended to be calm and gentle when it's about fixing the dog's aggression. In this way, your dog will understand the proper way of behaving even when facing high energies. As a dog parent, you must have a strong grip on the rule that "the calm will be the owner the better behaved will be the dog".

Use muzzle

Muzzle training or using a muzzle for aggressive dogs is enhancing your safety level. Aggressive dogs are not a threat to other people but also owners. Therefore when you are walking your dog at a public park you must use a muzzle for it. In this way, you can make sure that your dog is no more harming or biting other animals and strangers. Again, for this purpose, your dog should be trained to walk on a leash and as well muzzle trained.

Reward good behavior

Know about the difference between your dog’s good and bad behavior. In this way, it will be easy for you to reward your dog when it’s behaving well.

Don't be strict when it's showing aggression instead be calm and gentle. Rewarding the good behavior and ignoring the bad one will help your dog. In this way, your dog will understand the better way of getting your attention and treat.

Training school

When you are not willing to train your dog at home or have a busy routine then you must go ahead for training schools. Admitting your dog into training school means creating a proper routine and fixing aggression issues in a proper way. When your is dog regular to attend its training class you will notice a positive change within no time

Visit a vet

Maybe you tried all of the mentioned solutions but not getting the desired result.  It's time to arrange a trip to the vet to know about the actual reasons for dog aggression.  There is a possibility that your dog is suffering from some disease or illness that is making it aggressive towards people.  Most of the time vet may recommend you to spay your darling pup. Spaying the dog is a long-term or maybe permanent solution.

FAQs related to an aggressive dog

How to fix aggressive dogs?

Fixing aggressive dogs needs more effort than usual but you should have courage and consistency. Firstly you must know about the triggers or reasons your dog is getting aggressive. It is highly recommended to be calm and relaxed with your dog. Moreover, you must hire a professional trainer or visit a vet when the situation gets worse.

Should I train my aggressive dog to be social?

Yes, you must Train your aggressive dog to be social because it may reduce its anger issues. While training your dog to be social you must focus on its introduction to other animals and people. Training classes for hiring a professional trainer may help you in this condition.

To wrap it up

None of us want to live with a dog having an aggression issue. Even, society doesn't allow the owners to keep an aggressive dog due to obvious reasons. Therefore, we are here for your help. Proud dog parent is helping the owners by presenting this straightforward guide. The guide is rich in simple and easy-to-follow ways to fix aggressive dogs. All you have to do is to be calm and consistent when it's about training a dog. To know more about the dog you must seek help from proud dog parents.

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