How do I deal with my aggressive dog?

How do I deal with my aggressive dog?

It’s pleasant to know that someone is getting selfish for us.


The case is completely opposite when your dog is getting selfish for you. Dog jealousy means dangerous aggression. A jealous dog can hurt other people and even animals. So, we should never promote dog jealousy.

Do you know a jealous dog can tear someone down just for the sake of your attention? And that’s the actual reason to worry about. To stop such behavior, we must solve the aggressive dog jealousy issue, but how?

How do I deal with my aggressive dog

You will be happy to know that you are at the right platform to seek help. Proud Dog Parents are here with a straightforward and easy-to-follow guide.

You may find some other sites offering you different products or information related to dog aggression. Many of these sites are geared toward making money. Their interest is in making money and not the health of your doggie.  

These tips will help your dog being less aggressive

So, have a look at the right ways to get rid of dog jealousy.

Why is my dog aggressive towards other dogs? 

Aggressiveness toward other dogs is most common in dogs. The dog experts at Proud Dog Parents regularly receive questions about aggressive behavior toward other dogs.

Why is my dog aggressive towards other dogs? The answer is simple: he is protecting what is his. The solution is a lot harder. We'll talk about that further in this article.

dog aggressive towards other dogs The fact is that not every dog appreciates the company of other dogs. The character of your dog plays an important role in this. Aggressive dogs have no desire to share their territory with other dogs. Whether this is his toys, food or the company of you as a proud dog parent. As soon as another dog enters his territory, he becomes aggressive.

The good news? Aggressive dog behavior can be unlearned. The bad news? Many dog parents want their dog to be social when he is not used to interacting with other dogs. Therefore, it is important that you as a proud dog parent understand your dog so that you can better help him get rid of his aggressive behavior.

What is the reason my dog is aggressive towards other dogs?

There could be several reasons why your dog is aggressive. For example, to protect his territory. Also, your dog may have been traumatized by past experiences.

For example, if your dog was attacked by a dog, he may suffer for years.

Signs of dog aggression

Aggressive behavior toward people and other dogs is a serious problem. If your dog is exhibiting this behavior, make sure you have enough distance. How can you recognize aggressive behavior in dogs?

Look out for the following signs to determine if your dog is exhibiting aggressive behavior:

  • He shows his teeth
  • Body posture
  • Large eye pupils
  • Ears pricked
  • Growling
  • Stressed posture

How to calm an aggressive dog?

In this article, the dog experts at Proud Dog Parents discuss some practical actions you can take if your dog is exhibiting aggressive behavior. 

Tip 1: Equal attention

Dogs are quite selfish for their owners. It’s good to know until selfishness turns into jealousy and hence aggression. Dogs are more likely to get jealous of other dogs especially when it’s about the owner’s attention.

None of us want an aggressive dog because it's a constant danger for strangers and even for animals.

Let me take a moment to clear that dog jealousy is not always related to other dogs but a human can be a source. Maybe your dog won't want you to spend more time with your friends and that's the reason it starts barking on them.

Along with this, you will notice jealousy when two or more animals living under the same roof. And many more conditions.

Multiple problems and only one solution i.e. equal attention. You can hang out all day with your friends knowing that your dog is waiting for you at home. Similarly, you can’t spend more time with a cat while having a dog too. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to make a balance and hence serve each pet with an equal attention level.

Equal attention means an equal time of walking them. Equal time in cuddling and playing. And maybe equal time spent in grooming.

Tip 2: Keep the dog on a leash

We never know what triggers our dog and they just attack a stranger or other animal. That is the reason we are in the favor of keeping our dogs on leash. In case of having more dogs keep all of them on leash. In this way, you can keep the overall situation under your control.

According to proud dog parents, be responsible to keep your dog on a leash, especially when you are walking your dog. We have no idea when our dog gets jealous and hence aggressive.

For this purpose, you must train your dog to walk on a leash. Get a detailed and easy guide on leash training at proud dog parents.

Tip 3: Separate toys

Within the list of the ways to handle your dog’s aggressive jealousy, the next one is separate toys.

When you have more dogs living under the same roof, get separate toys for all. Even, it would be good if you bring the same toys in terms of shape and color. Therefore, one of your dogs will not demand the other's toy.

Just like equal attention, try serving your dogs with an equal number of toys. Again, it’s an easy way to stop the jealousy war between dogs.

Tip 4: Separate crates

Oh, now your dogs are fighting over crate! Who will sleep in a crate and when, a major dog issue.

Why not solve this issue just by bringing a new crate for them? Or maybe bring a new and separate bed for your dog.  It’s not the end of the discussion because you need to consider some additional factors.

The factors like the presence of food, water, toys, or bed in crate. You will have to keep both crates in the same way. In other words, both crates should look like a copy of each other. In this way, there will be no reason left for dogs to fight.

Tip 5: Regular exercise

Not exercising your dog means embedding behavioral issues in it. Lack of exercise causes aggression in your dog and jealousy is one of its results. Exercise makes the dog tire and it will sleep peacefully instead of fighting.

Therefore, be responsible to walk your dog or dogs if you want to get rid of the jealousy factor.

What if nothing works? 

Unfortunately, not every proud dog parent succeeds in unlearning their dog's aggressive behavior. If nothing else works, consider a professional dog trainer for help. Sometimes small tips can make a huge difference.

There are also many online options for unlearning aggressive behavior from your dog. For example, consider the cheaper solution by downloading our free ebook: Be Kind, Less Aggression, More Love! This ebook was put together by the dog experts at Proud Dog Parents and provides some practical tips for unlearning aggressive behavior.

FAQs related to aggressive dog jealousy

Q1. How to stop dogs from barking excessively?

Not concentrating on the canine when it's yelping is the least difficult approach to stop exorbitant woofing. Besides, notice the triggers and take a stab at eliminating them. On the off chance that over-the-top yapping is a direct result of some external view, get your canine far from that view. Decreasing weariness is one more approach to prevent your canine from excessive barking.

Q2. How to make my aggressive dog happy?

I can say this without even thinking twice that you can make your dog happy just by your attention. After that, treat, rewards and fun activities are the additional perks for your dog. Walk your dog regularly and put it into a workout if you want to make your pup happy.

Q3. My dog is aggressive towards me

There are many reasons why your dog shows aggressive behavior to you or family members.Often this behavior has to do with fear, jealousy or stress. This does not mean that you should immediately take your dog to a shelter. Make sure you provide the proper care and apply the tips in this article. 

Q4. My dog is aggressive towards other dogs

Aggressive behavior toward other dogs is most common among dogs. As you probably know, your dog guards his territory. Other dogs threaten that territory and therefore your dog becomes aggressive.

If your dog exhibits aggressive behavior toward other dogs, make sure you don't underestimate it. Download our e-book Be Kind: Less aggression, more Love! In this free ebook you will find practical tips on how to stop your dog from being aggressive towards other dogs.

To wrap it up

An aggressive dog is less companion and more threat for strangers and other dogs. None of us wished for an ill-mannered pup because it gives us a tough time. Dogs are more prone to get behavioral issues and aggressive jealousy is one of them. It’s no surprise that dogs get jealous of other animals when it’s about the owner’s attention. Prolonged and untreated jealousy means allowing your dog to attack anyone. Jealousy itself is no harm but getting aggressive in jealousy is not supposed to be a dog behavior. Proud dog parent is intended to help you by presenting this guide to reduce aggression in jealousy in dogs. To know more, explore the site. You will get a wide range of guides relating to dog anxiety, swimming, and even traveling.

Download our free ebook: Be Kind, Less Aggression, More Love! In which dog experts address the topic of aggressive behavior! 

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