How Much Does Buying an Australian Shepherd from a Breeder Cost

What is the average monthly cost of an Australian Shepherd?

As far as you're concerned, your family is on board. They want to get an Australian Shepherd just as much as you do. Now that you've started thinking about getting a dog, you're wondering how much it will cost to get an Australian Shepherd.

Depending on a variety of conditions, an Australian Shepherd might cost anywhere from $600 to $3,000. These factors such as gender, if you go through one breeder, and if you do want a show-quality pup. 

How Much Does Buying an Australian Shepherd from a Breeder Cost

So you're prepared, we'll go over the costs of hiring an Aussie in this piece. As part of our discussion, we'll also examine if an Australian Shepherd is much more expensive than some other breeds of dogs. Keep reading, because you won't want to miss out on this.

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How Much Does Buying an Australian Shepherd from a Breeder Cost?

It's a good idea to purchase your Aussie from a reputable breeder. Breeding your Aussie with the goal of improving its health, appearance, and temperament is a good idea. It's also possible to meet your Aussie's parents and learn more about their family history. Any concerns you have about Australian Shepherds can be answered by the breeder, who is an expert in the breed.

These benefits are wonderful, but they aren't free. The breeder determines the price of Aussie, but you should anticipate to pay between $800 and $1,800 or more.

An Australian Shepherd Puppy Long Island breeder required a $200 fee to get onto the waiting list. Your budget for an Aussie would almost certainly include that money, but it's a good idea to start saving for one when you decide you want one.

If you're looking for an Australian Shepherd breeders near you, have a look at this comprehensive directory of breeders in the US and Canada.

An Australian Shepherd purchased from a pet store will cost you approximately $800.

Let's imagine you are unable to locate a breeder in your area or that their costs are prohibitively expensive. You could also consider adopting an Australian Cattle Dog or purchasing one from your local pet store. This choice is appealing because dogs of a variety of breeds, including Australian Shepherds, are easily accessible in this area.

Lancaster Puppies, a well-known source for purchasing puppies, currently has a large number of Australian Shepherds on sale. Some Australian Shepherds can be purchased for as little as $950, while others can be purchased for upwards of $2,000 or more. Males are the majority of the time in this situation.

Yes, that is an exceedingly pricey item, and it is not always reflective of the merchandise available at other pet stores. Keep in mind, though, that you get whatever you pay for. Make sure you thoroughly investigate the pet store before making a purchase from them. Read reviews or even speak with prior customers about their shopping experience and the current health of their dog.

A Display Australian Shepherd can be expensive, so how much should you expect to pay?

Do you have aspirations for your Australian Shepherd to become a show dog which wins medals at AKC competitions? Then you'll want a dog that can compete in shows. We recommend beginning your search on the AKC site, where you can identify potential champion show dogs. Some of them are even descended from the AKC bloodline, which means they are the best in the business.

What is the average monthly cost of an Australian Shepherd

This male Aussie dog, who was AKC bloodline-certified, cost $1,500 when we discovered him. You can see him here, but he'll most likely be gone in a flash. It's difficult to tell if the increased price is due to the fact that the Australian is a dude or because of his pedigree, but it's likely a combination of the two.

Australian Cattle Dogs (AKC Aussies) are available for purchase on PuppyFind, with prices starting as much as $3,000 for male & $1,300 for female.

Ownership of an Australian Shepherd Comes with Additional Costs

After all, it would be lovely if all that was required of you was to acquire an Aussie puppy and be done with it. The answer is no. You'll need deep enough pockets for the rest of your Australian Shepherd's life, but not as deep as in their first 12 months of existence. Then you'll have to get ready for a slew of unexpected expenses.

Here's a glance at the costs involved.


Every pet owner should microchip their pet, even if they don't currently do so. If you ever have an Aussie in your life,

Loses its identification collar, anyone who finds it has no idea what kind of dog it is. The microchip in your Aussie's collar contains all of your dog's personal information. Micro chipped Shepherds may not always return to their owners if they are lost, but there is a strong probability that they will. More than half of micro chipped pets are returned to their owners after being lost. Only 22% of dogs without microchips are ever found again.

If you plan on getting your Australian Shepherd micro chipped soon after bringing him home, it will only take a few minutes and only cost you approximately $50.

Registration of Animals by Breed

You're proud to show off your Australian shepherd because he's AKC-certified. Make sure you register your dog for $25 with the organization.


Isn't your Aussie supposed to eat? Monthly feeding costs for your Aussie will depend on how much you feed the dog, what kind of food you use, and whether or not you have other dogs in the house. For pet food, you may expect to pay at least $100 a month, but this can potentially go up.

If you're interested in learning more about the finest foods for the Australian Shepherd, our buddy and guest author has prepared an amazing post for us on the subject. Take a peek at it right here. '

Items such as toys, leashes, or collars

The fact that your Australian Shepherd has a microchip does not necessarily imply that it is safe to leave them go. Doing so in your own backyard is one thing, but not in public or in a dog park.

A leash or collar are required. Oh, and there are a lot of toys, including squeaky rubber ones & soft plush toys. Assuming you're prepared to pay at least a few hundred dollars, this is a good bet.


It is possible that your Aussie's breeder will not keep hold of heartworm prevention before they are shipped to you. A minimum of $25 will be your responsibility if the breeders does not.

Examinations and immunizations

Because puppies require frequent immunizations, you'll get to know the veterinarian rather well by then. Between $100 and $500 might be charged for each vaccination, and some dogs require as many as 50 injections. Vet visits can cost anywhere from $50 to $125, and that doesn't include any medications and treatments your veterinarian may recommend for your Australian Shepherd, which can cost even more.

You can consider paying $2,889 a year with an Aussie, according to the AKC. As a result of all of the vaccinations and veterinary appointments, the prices are higher than first year.

If you break it down further, you can pay $650 on vet bills, $389 on dog meds, $435 on food, or $432 on equipment per year. Owning a dog will cost you $23,410 over its lifetime.

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