Are Australian Shepherds good with babies and children?

Are Australian Shepherds good with babies and children?

Australian shepherd is a highly bright and energetic breed noted for their shepherding abilities and obedience dog prowess. With unlimited energy and weighing 50-70 pounds, it's only natural to fear they'll knock kids over. A parent should know if they are safe around young children. To address these questions, I rely on my knowledge and personal experiences with this magnificent breed.

Are Australian Shepherds good with babies and children?

So, are Aussies excellent with kids? Older children will like playing with Australian shepherds because of their activity and intelligence. With their great energy, Australian Shepherds may not be suitable for very small children. The Australian Shepherd needs lots of exercise plus training to be good around children. Children should be taught proper dog psychology.

Now let's look at this breed's behavior around children. I will tell you some methods to ensure your Shepherd and children get along. Keep reading!

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Australian Shepherds and Children

Generally, Australian Shepherds enjoy being around individuals of all ages, especially children. a smart and lively breed that loves to play with your kids. Their tremendous intelligence allows them to learn new games and riddles.

Older kids may have a blast throwing a frisbee with these pups and seeing how far they could learn. Only to discover that Aussie Shepherds can learn nearly everything.

They are a pleasant and docile breed that needs lots of physical and mental exercise. Boredom can lead to neurotic behaviors including digging, licking, and tail biting. You must assign them a job or they will choose one that you dislike.

How to Behave Around Australian Shepherds

Most kids enjoy dogs and want to jump up to them all and hug them.

But kids shouldn't do this if the dog doesn't know them. They are normally good with youngsters but can be apprehensive of strangers. So teach kids to wait till their owner introduces them to a dog.

Because youngsters have limited attention spans, teach them this repeatedly until they retain it. Don't leave your kids alone with a pet until you're convinced they know how.

Kids enjoy playing and running with the Australian Shepherd.

Fortunately, Aussie Shepherds make a really playful partner for kids. But watch out for tiny toddlers as the pup may chase and bite the heels. These dogs are a great family dog, especially if you want a pup that is smart and can learn tricks.

Here are some basic principles to teach kids while interacting with dogs

Assure them that each dog is unique. Some dogs are friendly and some are not, and some are even dangerous, therefore they should avoid unfamiliar dogs.

Teach your kids not to disturb the Australian Shepherd when eating. Nor should they disturb their sleep. Any dog awakened from slumber may mistakenly lash out.

Here are some basic principles to teach kids while interacting with dogs

Your child should help train the Australian Shepherd. That is, if they are old enough to discern. This may be a lot more fun and teach your kids about dogs. Body language as well as habits.

Kids should also understand that a dog's growling or bared teeth is a clear signal to leave it alone. A young child should be aware of the Australian Shepherd's boundaries.

Training your Australian Shepherd for Babies and Children

Untrained Australian Shepherds can be dangerous to children. Especially when the youngsters don't know how to act around the dog.

It's typically an accident, and the dog rarely intends to injure the youngster.

For example, Australian Shepherds can be quite energetic. They also tend to herd. They might easily knock a child down in play or nip at the heels to herd them.

An Australian Shepherd without physical or mental stimulation can be destructive. It's likely to be household objects, but without adequate training, it may be kids.

Luckily, Australian Shepherds are quite trainable. So if you train them and use their energy productively, the Australian Shepherd must get along with the youngsters.

Australian Shepherd Training around kids

Young Australian Shepherds are best trained. Regardless of their age, you should start training them as soon as you obtain them.

A sloppy-trained Shepherd is a waste. Because these canines are so smart, they could develop severe behavioral difficulties if not trained.

Unlike several other breeds, Aussie Shepherds may be a great pleasure to teach due to high intellect and readiness to learn. You should train dogs to be around children. If your kids are old enough, let them help train them.

Here are some things you should teach your Australian Shepherd around children.

Teach dogs not to chase kids. Most harmful element of these pups around children.

You should teach them not to leap on children or adults.

Do this and the kids and pup will be fast friends.


The greater energy level of an Australian Shepherd is the first aspect to note while having kids. They are standard size dogs that can easily overexcite and knock a little child over.

So Australian Shepherds are better for households with older children. It's best if they're big enough to hold their own. Also, don't leave your children alone with the pet. So long as they are old enough and mature enough to handle the Shepherd themselves.

Get your kids engaged in training and teaching the Australian Shepherd games. These pups can be great fetchers for kids. Try to imagine your dog's parents. The parents can offer you a fair sense of your Australian Shepherd's characteristics.

You should keep an eye on your kids as well as your Australian Shepherd. This is the greatest technique to assess the situation. So you can identify issues and respond appropriately.

Australian Shepherds were bred to herd sheep. As a result, they are extremely intelligent and learn quickly. They are devoted to their families and like children's company. Isolation and boredom will lead to dangerous behaviors.

An Australian Shepherd's intelligence allows them to compete in obedience and agility trials. They are great playmates for older kids who appreciate their eagerness to please or their wit.

Cattle training and socializing are vital. Untrained Australian shepherds may chase and bite young children's heels. They can sometimes get enthusiastic and accidentally knock a toddler over.

You must also supervise your children around the dog. Australian Shepherds get along well with children, but both parties must be trained. Kids should never yank a dog's tail, steal their food, or wake them up.

Boredom and destructive behavior in Australian Shepherds are caused by lack of physical and mental stimulation. Boredom can cause this breed to chew, dig, and chase its tail. If you don't provide them a job, they will find one. You won't like it.

A well-trained Australian Shepherd may be a wonderful family member, a great kid's playmate, or an all great dog.

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