Ask A Vet: Which Dog Food is the Best?

Ask A Vet: Which Dog Food is the Best?

It's no wonder that choosing the right dog food in today's market has become a pretty difficult task. With more than hundreds of dog foods in the arsenal, no dog owner can readily choose the best food without doing proper research. 

However, today's sad reality is that many of the supply stores and companies preaching about dog wellness and health only care about making bucks. In the name of wellness, they are selling cheap, harmful products that may endanger your beloved dog's life.

That's why, at Proud Dog Parents, we have taken the initiative to provide information only after testing and verifying it by ourselves so that it may help you to properly care for your dog's health and maintain its wellness. 

You may wonder, why would we do this? That is because we care for you and cherish the lives of every dog on this planet. So, starting with the first significant question that lurks within the mind of every proud dog owner:

Which Dog Food is the Best?

Dogs are precious animals that provide us with unlimited love and care, and it's only fair for us to return the favor in the form of a high-quality premium dog food that protects your furry friend from common diseases and keeps it active and lively all day around. Moreover, high-quality dog food contains rich meat to fulfills your dog's nutrients need and omega acids to keep your dog's coat healthy and shiny. 

Before diving into the main topic, which is the best dog food, it would be wise to study different types of dog foods available in the market.

Types of Dog Foods to Choose From

Organic Dog Food
Who wouldn't want their beloved dog to eat such a diet that is free from toxic chemicals, pesticides, fillers, carbohydrates, coloring, antibiotics, artificial flavors, and much more? I mean, it's a dream of every proud dog parent. 

What if I told you that organic dog food is the type of dog food diet that guarantees all this. Organic dog foods are made from meat and by-meat products, and some even contain antioxidant that ensures your dog's healthy lifestyle.

Although they are more expensive than commercial dog foods, the vast benefits of organic food have made an ample increase in sales and production since they were launched into the pet food industry.

Commercial Dog Food
Another kind of dog food that has been on the market for decades is commercial dog food. Although it is a nutritional diet for dogs, many underlying reasons make commercial diet not the first choice of proud dog owners.  

What many dogs’ food supplies don't want you to know is that most of the commercial foods are loaded with harmful substances like fillers, large amounts of carbohydrates, synthetic vitamins, artificial flavors, toxic chemicals, etc. All this makes commercial dog food not the best choice for your canine friend.

However, it wouldn't be wrong to say that not all commercial foods are harmful. Many high-quality commercial foods don't contain carbohydrates and filler and form a healthy diet for your dog.

That's why many dog owners have found feeding their dogs a commercial diet and finding them fit and healthy after all these years.

Dry Vs Wet Dog Food

The rivalry between wet and dry dog food has been going around for quite some time. However, when it comes to keeping your dog healthy and fulfilling all its needs, both dog foods are considered the best in their league. 

So, What Does Dry Dog Food Has to Offer?

Dry dog food is a pack full of nutrients that offers maximum calories in small amounts. Thus, you wouldn't have to worry about feeding your dog, again and again, making it a more economical approach. However, dry food contains only 10 to 12% wet content that can cause dehydration among dogs, especially on hot summer days.

So, What Makes Wet Dog Food a Better Option?
Due to the aroma, texture, and taste, wet food becomes the number one choice if you were to ask your dog. However, to obtain the same calories as dry food, you must feed your dog 2-3 times more than when you were giving dry food. As the name signifies, wet dog food makes up to 60 to 85% watery content, thus always protecting your dog from dehydration.

Golden Advice from a Proud Dog Parent: Don't ever think that a combination of wet and dry food would give your dog some health or immunity boost. The only thing that it would give to your dog would be digestive problems. Random switching between both foods gives rise to digestive diseases like constipation or severe diarrhea. 

Grain-Free Dog Food

Carbohydrates are not bad for your dog if given in a certain amount. They are even recommended for Pitbull puppies as carbohydrates provide them with the energy to remain active all day and ensure the puppy's healthy and normal growth. 

However, if carbohydrates are used more than an extent, it can cause obesity and lethargy among dogs. In some rarer cases, dogs are even allergic to carbohydrates like grain, and that's when the vet recommends grain-free dog food.

Even though grain-free dog foods are rising in popularity because of their "no carbohydrates" policy, the investigation by Food And Drug Administration (FDA) has caused an uproar. According to their research, more than 1100 dogs suffering from Dilated cardiomyopathy were studied, and it was found that 90% of them were given "grain-free" products.

Dilated cardiomyopathy is a heart disease that causes heart enlargement and thinning of heart muscles. Thus resulting in heart failure and death. 

It has also been noted that some dog foods that are labeled as "grain-free" however may not contain carbohydrates like grains but may substitute other carbohydrates. That's why some grain-free products end up having even more carbohydrates than commercial dog foods. 

Golden Advice From ProudDogParent: Don't forget to read the list of ingredients when choosing the right dog food. The order of ingredients is according to the quantity present in that particular food. Make sure that elements like carbohydrates and fillers are not present in the top spots.

So, Which is the Best Dog Food?

Say Hello to Royal Canin Dog Food:


Royal Canin dog food is the number one choice of all proud dog parents. Their use of high-quality ingredients in Royal Canin has amassed them the reputation that they are enjoying now. 

A Little Bit About the Company

Royal Canin was founded by Dr. Jean Cathary — a veterinarian surgeon from France, in the late 1960s. His main aim was to treat dogs suffering from coat and skin issues by devising organic homemade dog food. This homemade food worked like magic, and he decided to open his own dog food company in 1968.

In 2001, it was bought by Mars Inc, and since then, it has remained the most significant within the dog food industry. The reason why Royal Canin is considered the best dog food the world has to offer is because of their extensive research that is carried out in labs worldwide. 

Day by day, they are breaking new scientific barriers and unlocking new ingredients and recipes that provide your dog with the maximum nutrition to keep them healthy and strong, away from all diseases. That is the reason why you will find most veterinarians singing praises of Royal Canin dog food. 

Where Can I Buy Royal Canin Dog Food?

Due to its large production, Royal Canin can be easily found in local stores as well as can be bought online. Due to its vast popularity, you will also find Royal Canin in your favorite vet's clinic. 

Ingredients Used in Royal Canin Dog Food

The best way to discover the quality of the dog food is by directly looking at and testing the ingredients used in it, and that's what we did. 

By thoroughly examining several of Royal Canin's different products, we found out that their main ingredient that is present in almost all foods was meat meal. Undoubtedly, it is an excellent choice for all canines.

Secondly, we found out that their meat meals are 300 times more nutrient than a piece of chicken. This shows that Royal Canin hasn't left any stone unturned in fulfilling the nutrients requirement of your furry fellow.

On top of that, the addition of an ingredient known as "brewer rice" in Royal Canin has changed the game. Brewer rice is used to cater to your dog's digestive issues and is an excellent source of vitamins like calcium, potassium, Vitamin B6, iron, protein, etc.

Moreover, Royal Canin also uses fish oil and soy oil in their foods. Fish oil guarantees a healthier skin and coat free from itches and flakes. 

Now, Royal Canin is available in both wet and dry format. 

Final Thoughts

Although Royal Canin has gathered the tag of "best dog food" by many pet owners, it isn't written on the stone that it will also be the best food for your dog. If you notice any unusual dog behavior or find any anomaly, consult with your veterinarian, and feel free to shift to any other dog food that may suit your furry friend.

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