Ask A Vet: What dog is Scooby-doo?

Ask A Vet: What dog is Scooby-doo?

We all know who Scooby-Doo is, by sight and by name. All of us watched the cartoon growing up. And we probably have many memories of it. And we’re sure you have wondered many times what kind of dog breed he is, especially when you have pups of your own.

Great Dane:

Scooby-Doo is based on a dog breed called a Great Dane, which is probably what most dog parents had already suspected, looking at his appearance. Like your typical Great Dane, Scooby-Doo has a long, stocky torso and slim, skinny legs.

Even though Scooby-Doo may look like a typical Great Dane but that’s not the truth. Let’s look at the facts.

History and origin:

Iwao Takamoto created the character Scooby-Doo. He revealed that his adorable and clumsy canine Scooby-Doo was influenced by the ideal features of a prized Great Dane. Takamoto learned what features made a prize-winning Great Dane and then went in the opposite direction.

Now, this makes you think, if Scooby-Doo has all of the features that are opposite of a Great Dane, how does that make him a Great Dane? Well, we’ll have to look a little deeper.

Scooby-Doo and the Great Dane Comparison:

Takamoto persisted that making Scooby klutzy and big would give him more comic potential.

Let’s see how Scooby Doo’s characteristics are compared to that of a Great Dane.

Physical Characteristics:

Great Danes are the picture of balance and elegance. Their enormous size, regal appearance, well-formed, smoothly toned body are signs of strength and dignity. Great Danes are also well known as the “Apollo of dogs” because of their dignified grace. This dog breed is not clumsy at all but rather very well-balanced.

Scooby, on the contrary, has a distorted frame and a less refined body type.

A Great Dane’s fur coat has different patterns and colors; perhaps the best-known is the black-and-white pattern.

Scooby-Doo, on the other hand, is brown from head to toe with numerous distinct black spots on his body. He also does not have a melanistic face mask which is often found in Great Danes.

So it’s no surprise that people get confused about what kind of doggo Scooby-Doo is.

Emotional Characteristics:

Scooby-Doo is a coward by nature, which is not at all a Great Dane trait.

Great Danes’ emotional features are the exact opposite of Scooby’s. The Great Dane is a courageous dog and rarely ever timid. They are naturally sweet, dependable dogs and great home guardians.

So is Scooby-Doo a Great Dane?

The emotional and physical characteristics mentioned above have shown that Scooby-Doo differs from a Great Dane in various ways. Even Scooby’s creator has said that Scooby is the exact opposite of a Great Dane.

And despite being animated and entirely fictional, Scooby-Doo can be considered a very unusual type of a Great Dane dog breed. Scooby defies all standard perceptions about Great Danes. His opposite characteristics are what made Scooby-Doo so well-liked by the watchers and the fans.

Whether you deem Scooby-Doo a Great Dane or not, he’ll inevitably remain an iconic cartoon figure for many years to come.

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