Ask A Vet: What dog has the strongest bite?

Ask A Vet: What dog has the strongest bite?

Dogs come in numerous sizes and shapes, so finding a dog breed fit for any home is imaginable. However, as a dog parent, you probably know that they can range from enormous and gentle to small and ferocious.

And you may also have had your fair share of dog bites. However much your dogs love you and however much love you've bestowed upon them, there will always be one vulnerable moment where your dog bites you. And it can be due to any reason. Maybe your pup bit you out of excitement or love, or perhaps they didn't like something that you did. But there's no reason to be upset about that.

Dog bites are possible with any dog breed, but some dogs are more likely to bite than others and pack a very severe bite. Hence it's important to learn about the dog's bite strength.

Before we go to the dog with the strongest bite, let's go over some basics of a dog bite. If you're a responsible dog parent, you probably have the necessary information. And if you're not, just read below!

What's PSI for a Dog Bite?

PSI stands for pounds per square inch. It's a unit to calculate the pressure at any point. PSI is essentially a measurement reaction for any force that's been made per square inch of every pound. Pressure can vary based on the breed of the dog, what parts have been bitten, and the dog's personal feelings. It is easy to understand and a very frequently used system.

Now that we've covered the basics, let's look at the dog with the strongest bite in the world!

Kangal – 743 PSI:

This big boy originates from Turkey, where he was initially bred for use as a guard dog to keep the livestock safe from bears, jackals, wolves, etc.

With a bite force up to 743 PSI, he's certainly a pup any predator would think multiple times about taking on. And although he's ready to fight off any stranger, he's quite gentle to the children and the other members of his human pack. 

A short trivia about Kangals:

They are guard dogs originating from the Sivas City in Turkey. They are one of the strongest dogs globally and currently hold the top place for the strongest bite.

Kangals are known for their protectiveness, loyalty, and gentleness towards children and other humans and animals of their packs. Although, this breed of dogs is not the best with strangers due to their overprotective nature.

This dog breed can effortlessly take down any moderately-sized predator within minutes with its agility and strong muscles. They have impressive amounts of strength and currently have the highest recorded pressure per square inch.

Take care of them:

Taking them out for a walk, as such, can be a little troubling and dangerous at times. But as with all the other breeds, it is up to us, as dog parents, to be sure to give them proper socialization training at a young age so they can meet new people.

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