Ask A Vet: How do dog cooling mats work?

Ask A Vet: How do dog cooling mats work?

During the scorching summer months, it is necessary to keep your big boy as cool as possible. They feel the heat and can be affected by it, just like we do. If doggos get too hot, it can affect their well-being and health.

One effective way to keep your pup cool is with a dog cooling pad or mat. These mats are specifically designed to cool your pup down whenever they need it.

Does your dog need a dog cooling mat?

When your dog gets hot during the summer months, they could benefit from a cooling mat or pad. Heat can be very tough on your dog.

If your dog gets very hot for a long time, it can be dangerous for its health. Overheating can lead to exhaustion, dehydration, and heat stroke, leading to ongoing health problems for your beloved dog.

It is also very uncomfortable for your pup to be hot for an extended period. If you note that your dog continues to seek out more excellent parts of the house, like the cool patches of cement, the fabulous kitchen and bathroom tiles, or the deck outside, then the chances are that they may be getting uneasily hot.

How do dog cooling mats work?

Dog cooling pads are designed in a couple of different ways. One of the types is made from materials that absorb the heat from your pup’s body.

  1. Self-cooling bed: 

They are filled with a pressure-activated gel inside that keeps your pup cool, and the mat is activated when your dog applies pressure on it by sitting down. The gel recharges and cools down once more when your doggo gets up and removes the stress. This product is also called a self-cooling bed. It is portable and lightweight, so you can take it while traveling. Make sure to find a mat that has non-toxic gel.

  1. Water bed:

The other type is filled with cold water, like a water bed. The cold water absorbs any heat from your pup’s body. Although most mats are made with durable, scratch-resistant material, these may be prone to leaks and punctures.

Both types of mats only work for a limited time until they need to be cooled down and recharged.

The benefits of a dog cooling pad:

Following are some benefits for your four-legged friend that a soft, excellent dog mat offers:

  • Prevents overheating: This chilled mat's primary and most crucial feature helps keep your furry friend comfortable and relaxed while avoiding any health issues commonly caused by a lot of heat.
  • Keeps your furry companion clean: These cooling mats or pads provide an elevated and clean surface for your dog to sleep on, which keeps it away from germs and dirt.
  • Benefits to senior dogs: Many cooling pads also offer orthopedic support for joint and muscle problems dogs.

A chilled pad gives your pup a place to cool off faster. Consider dog cooling mat pads to ensure your puppy remains relaxed, comfortable, and happy all year.

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