Ask A Vet: Can dogs eat pineapples?

Ask A Vet: Can dogs eat pineapples?

As a dog parent, it's important to know what kinds of food are healthy for your pups, and that includes fruits too!

Many vegetables and fruits are safe and healthy for dogs. And they are suitable as an occasional treat for the dogs if you only offer the fruits at a 10 percent ratio to your dog's normal nutritionally stabilized dog food. Any higher level can lead to problems in your dog with both obesity and digestion.

Pineapple is sweet, tangy, and tart, and for several people, it's one of their favorite fruits. So naturally, you'd want to share that treat with your beloved dog too.

Well, luckily for you, pineapple is safe for your pup!

Pineapple as a treat for dogs:

This delicious fruit is not only safe but also extremely healthy for your pooch. However, since raw pineapple contains very high sugar levels, it should never be a big part of your dog's diet. 

Health benefits of Pineapples:

Raw and ripened pineapple contains vitamin C and B6 and other minerals, including copper, manganese, iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, etc.

The minerals make it a snack concentrated with different nutrients for your four-legged pups, and these nutrients play a key role in nourishing your dog's digestive health and immune system.

Although all of these minerals and vitamins make pineapple sound like a fantastic choice for dogs, however, there are still many other things to take into consideration before feeding your pups pineapple.

Serve small amounts!

Pineapple is rich in fiber and contains a remarkable amount of natural sugar. It suggests that although pineapple is an ideal, healthy treat in very little amounts, it can have terrible effects on your dog's immune and digestive system if fed in large quantities.

Supervise your dog while he's eating:

Keep an eye on your pup when you first feed them pineapple. If it shows signs of an upset stomach or has diarrhea, then raw pineapple might not be a great snack for him.

What part of the fruit is good for your dog?

The central core of the pineapple is very tough, and it may cause obstructions, so does the spiny skin, so it is better for your dog's safety that you stick to feeding them only the flesh of the pineapple.

So is pineapple safe for dogs to eat?

Yes! Raw pineapple is an excellent snack for dogs; however, keep in mind to feed them in small amounts. On the other hand, canned pineapple should be avoided. There is too much sugar in the syrup in canned fruits, and the digestive tracts of most dogs will not be able to handle them.

Quantity of pineapple to feed your dog:

As we have mentioned above, pineapples are suitable as an occasional treat for your dog if you only give them at a 10 percent ratio to your dog's normal nutritionally stabilized dog food.

So a few chunks of raw pineapple will be enough for your dogs. However, the fruit should be peeled and sliced into small bite-sized pieces. Frozen pieces of pineapple make for a yummy treat in the summers.

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