These tips will make sure your dog is not afraid in the rain!

These tips will make sure your dog is not afraid in the rain!

It's lovely weather outside, but your dog refused to enjoy the rain! Dogs don't like rain even if they enjoy swimming.

Rain interrupts the normal dog routine, especially their bebathroom break, due to which they don't like rain.

All they like is dry places with a bulk of toys and their soft bed. Dogs don't want to soak in the rain and hence refuse to step out of the home. It’s normal dog behavior.

Dog and rain can be good friends just by practicing some natural ways. Different dog accessories or expensive water guards are not going to help you out. Therefore, ditch the idea of purchasing other tools from online sites because they sell the wrong products and information. They are trying hard to convince you to buy their products for money. Focusing on their fake information will make you realize that their love for dogs is not real. Even they don't care about the dog's health.

Therefore, it’s highly recommended to solve dog problems in natural ways by seeking books for help. The book we prefer is our FREE EBOOK: Relieve stress and anxiety in your dog. It contains accurate information related to the dog's stress and anxiety. The specific guide is rich in information picked from the same EBook.

Keep yourself engaged with the guide and know the following tips to ensure your dog is not afraid of rain.

Be a good example for your dog.

It’s no surprise that dogs follow their owner’s personality and even behavior. There is a possibility that your dog doesn't go out in the rain because of you. Maybe you start yelling and get uncomfortable when it starts raining, so your pup is just following you. Your puppy doesn't want to soak in the rain because you hate getting wet.

Note that dogs can feel your vibe and energy, so don't yell at them when copying your habits.


Therefore, when you want your dog to go in the rain, do your best to act normal when it’s raining. If you are walking out along with your pup, don't act weird under the rain cloud. Continue walking like nothing is wet or wrong. In this way, you can help your dog stay calm in the rain.

Positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is the key to dog training. Teaching a dog new behavior becomes easy just by your attention and proper reward. Similarly, convince them with reward to go out of home for bathroom even when it’s raining. At the same time, reinforce the positive behavior of your furball. In this way, you can normalize moving out in the rain.

Shower love, and tell your dog that it's the best dog in this world. Keep serving your dog with a treat each time it shows some effort to go in the rain.

Dry them off right away

It isn't very pleasant to sit in wet clothes. Similarly, dogs don't like to be in wet coats. So, when your pup is out in the rain, sit there with a towel to dry them off right away.

According to our Ebook, maybe it’s not the rain, but the wet coat dogs do not like. Using an umbrella or some rain jacket is another effective way to keep your dog dry. Using the rain accessories reduces your dog's stress and fear of rain.

Help them get used to rain or water.

There is a possibility that you never introduce the dog to water, and they grow up dry, due to which they are not mentally ready to go out in the rain. Some of the dog breeds don't like water, not even for baths.

In this way, you will have to train your dog to get used to rain or water. Arrange some trips to the pool or bring your dog under the shower. Keep using treats and rewards at the same time so they will feel comfortable moving out when it’s raining outside.

Make some effort and let your dog understand that water is not scary or bad. It is highly recommended for dog parents to help their pups to overcome the stress of rain.

Let’s shortlist some of your questions to cover more details about the dog's fear of rain.

FAQs related to dog fear of rain

Why my dog doesn't like the rain?

There are various reasons for dogs not liking rain. Most of the time, it’s because of the parent's hate for rain. Maybe you don't like the rainy weather and start yelling soon it starts to rain, and your dog copies the same behavior. Along with this, some dog breeds are not water-friendly, which develops the fear of rain. The loud thunderstorm can be another reason.

Can I help my dog overcome its fear of rain or getting a vet?

Yes, some simple tips help your dog overcome its fear of rain. All you have to do is to stay calm and dry your dog right away. Providing treat and as well as positive reinforcement will help you out in this condition.

How do I stop my puppy from being afraid of the rain?

All you have to do is to step out of home along with your pup. Put some effort into making your dog love rain by offering rewards and treat. Your time and attention will defiantly help your dog to overcome the fear of rain. Using a proper umbrella or a raincoat is another effective approach when you want your pup to go out in the rain.

Why it’s important to train my dog to move out of its rain?

The rain and dog friendship proves itself best when your dog has to move out to pee or poop.

To wrap it up

You want to enjoy the rain with your fur companion but refuse to go out while it’s raining. There is a possibility that the dog breed is not water friendly. Maybe you never introduced your dog to rain which develops the fear of water or rain. Read the guide carefully and know the simple ways to reduce your dog's anxiety about getting wet in the rain.

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