These tips reduce stress around other dogs

These tips reduce stress around other dogs

Most of the dogs are hyper-social around other dogs. At the same time, some feel stressed in the presence of other dogs.

Maybe your pup is being possessive for you, the owner. Or maybe your furball doesn't like to be around other dogs/animals. Dogs show stress in different ways. It may start running or get uncontrollable, and that's an embarrassing situation for you.

The other dog stress is may be due to the unsocial nature of your dog. Lack of training can also be a reason that your dog feels pressure around other dogs.

Obviously, we can train our dogs without any assistance or guidance. I believe you are here searching for an honest guide for tips to reduce stress around other dogs.

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Well, let’s move on!

Tips to reduce stress around other dogs

Praise your dog around other dogs

All your dog expects from you is love, no matter how cute is the other dog. As a parent, you are not allowed to praise another dog in front of your selfish fur ball.

As soon as you notice some other dog coming, be quick to praise your dog while it is calm. In this way, you can teach your pup to be confident and relaxed. Let your dog understand that peaceful nature will earn them a treat; on the other hand, and stress gives them nothing.

Make sure to practice this even when another dog is far away from you.

Brief interactions with other dogs

Understand the fact that it’s impossible to avoid dogs each time. Have some courage, and let’s introduce your dog to other pups. A brief introduction or interaction is actually a long-term solution to reduce stress around other dogs.

For this purpose, keep the situation controlled while introducing dogs.  In this way, you can teach your dog to understand that other dogs are not scary or dangerous.

For the very first meeting, keep your dog on a leash and end the introduction within 5 minutes. Gradually increasing time will be an excellent approach to make your furball easy around other dogs.

Encourage positive interaction

You can convince your dog of any behavior by positive reinforcement. All your dog need is a delicious treat and quality time. Both of these are included when you encourage them for positive interaction. So, when your pup is calm while interacting with other dogs, waste no time providing treats. Don't forget to praise your dog for friendly behavior. In case if your dog is getting stressed or anxious, try comforting it.

Distract by verbal cues

As mentioned above, dog training starts from the day it comes to your home. So, teaching your dog about some basic cues will help you out in certain situations.

Notice the body language and try distracting your pup at the right time. Use the verbal cues to get your pup's attention to not focus the dogs around it.

Involve your dog into the nose job or fetch game so it will not be bothered by strangers or other animals.

For this purpose, you can also use the treats or your dog’s favorite toy. Try using anything which you think can distract your dog.

Note that all of these methods are pretty easy to follow even without the help of a trainer or third person. All you have to do is to be consistent and friendly with your dog. Don’t force your pup to behave according to you; doing this can make your furball aggressive. Regardless of which method you are sticking with, your attention, love, and firm grip over the leash are always expected.

The discussion goes long when it’s about dog and their social stress. Some questions are shortlisted to answer for more understanding.

FAQs related to dog stress around other dogs

Why does my dog not like other dogs?

Any bad experience or improper introduction puts your dog into social anxiety. Dog with social anxiety doesn't like to hang out with other dogs because they find other dogs scary. If you want your pup to cope with this fear, do some effort. Please read the guide because it contains easy and effective ways to make your puppy confident around other dogs.

How can I make my pup confident around other dogs?

Introducing your dog to other dogs in a proper manner is the most effective way to make your dog confident. Take your dog out for a walk on a regular basis so it will see other dogs in the park. Serve your dog with a treat at each positive and desired behavior. In this way, you can make your pup confident enough to interact with other dogs.

Is it possible for me to help my dog overcome its fears?

Yes, proper training that involves your attention, time, and reward makes it easy for your pup to learn new behavior. All you have to do is be consistent in the training sessions to teach your dog about new lessons. It’s highly recommended to go ahead with natural ways of helping your dog rather than providing any medication.

To wrap it up

Some of the dogs may don’t like to be around other dogs and hence feel stress. They were never introduced to other dogs in their puppyhood, and interacting with dogs at the park is something new for them. Therefore, help your dog overcome this fear through formal sessions. Appreciation, time, and reward are the key factors of teaching a new behavior to your darling pup.

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