My Dog thinks his crate is scary. These tips will help your dog reduce anxiety!

My Dog thinks his crate is scary. These tips will help your dog reduce anxiety!

Traveling becomes easy when our darling pup is crate trained.

But, your dog finds the crate scary.

Commonly, Most dogs don't like their crate. We all want our pups to like their crates because it's a safe place for them. Moreover, taking a dog along becomes easy with the proper use of a crate.

The crate is a crucial accessory to prevent unwanted dog behaviors, especially when you are not home. Protecting a dog from injuries after some surgery becomes easy by putting it into the crate.

To gain all of these advantages, you must introduce your dog to the crate. Here, your motive is to help a dog overcome its fear of crates. Note that the crate training starts from the day you adopted the puppy.

Dog introduced to crate at a young age may not find crate scary compared to dogs introduced at an elder age. However, it's possible to train elder dogs, but it may take a bit longer.

Being on this page is proof that you want to make your dog comfortable in his crate. So, let me do you a favor a serve you with an easy-to-follow guide. The information taken for the guide is from our FREE EBOOK Relieve stress and anxiety in your dog. Our EBook is my first preference when it's about solving a dog's anxiety problems.

Here are some tips to help a dog overcome their fear of crates.


Most of the dogs find their crate scary because it's not comfortable. Note that most of the online dog accessories are wrong according to your dog. The online sites and companies are presenting wrong information to sell their wrong products. they don't care about the health or comfort of dogs because all they want is money. Their love for dogs is not real at all. So, do some favor to your dog, and don't be fooled by these online companies.

Arrange a visit to a dog store and purchase a comfortable crate according to the size and breed of your pup. Bedding within the crate is another option to reduce the dog's anxiety. Provide a cozy blanket or bed within the crate so your puppy will go in the crate without compromising its comfort zone.

Food and Water

Convince your dog to move into the crate by providing food and as well as water. In this way, your pup will not find the crate as scary.

There is a possibility that your dog won't like the crate because there is nothing to eat in this. And we can't ignore the fact that food is the most demanded stuff by dogs. Let's use this food love in a sense to reduce your dog’s crate anxiety.

For this purpose, make sure that the dog crate is big enough to place food and a water bowl.


Make the crate attractive for your pup to help it overcome the fear of crate. Using the dog’s favorite toys is another effective way to reduce your pup’s anxiety.

Place the stuff and soft toys when you want your dog to sleep in a crate. While on the other hand, put the dispensing toys within the crate when you are not home in the daytime. Dispensing toys are not recommended at night for obvious reasons.

Soothing Techniques

What about using some soothing technique such as dog massage with a good oil?

If you are putting the crate within the home, then turn on the soothing music. Massage before the crate time and music both are effective methods to reduce your pup's anxiety.

Take off the Collar

Make sure to remove the harness, leash, and as well as collar when you want your pup to move into the crate. A leash or collar may be stuck into the sides of the crate, giving the dog some injury. Also, make your dog feel easy and comfortable, so it will not find crate scary.

At this point, you are aware that all of these tips are quite easy to follow. All of these are natural ways to reduce your dog's anxiety. According to  our EBook, it's good to follow natural tips rather than using calming medication.

It is crucial to mention that bring all accessories according to your pup's age, size, and breed.

Let me shortlist some of your questions to cover more information about the dog's fear of crates.

FAQs Related to crate anxiety in dogs

Can I help my dog overcome his crate anxiety or fear?

Yes, it's easy for a dog owner to make his dog love crate. All you have to do is to make the crate attractive enough for your darling pup. Try putting his favorite toys along with a blanket into the crate. Along with, arranging a proper bed into the crate will also help you out in this condition. Reducing the crate fear is easy by placing food and as well as water in it. Make sure to bring a crate according to the size, age, and breed of your dog. Note that introduction to the crate is crucial to help your dog overcome its fear of crate.

Why is my dog afraid of crates?

Most of the time, it's separation anxiety that forces your pup to refuse to step in the crate. Some bad experience also makes your dog afraid of crate. Not having water or food is another reason for dog-hating its crate. Also, dogs like to dig holes, jump or play, which is impossible in the crate.

To wrap it up

Most of the dogs think that crate is something scary. It may happen because of the bad introduction to the crate. There are some other reasons within the list due to which dog finds the crate scary. Please read the complete guide and know about the different ways to help your dog overcome its fear of crates. Make sure that the crate is comfortable and it does not contain any sharp end. Remove the collar or leash before inserting your dog into his crate.

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