My Dog is afraid of Cats!

My Dog is afraid of Cats!

It’s no more a secret that cats and dogs actually can’t get along. Both of these fur animals can’t stand each other because of their never-ending war.

But, dogs scared to a cat is something rare to listen. Yes, some dogs indeed find cats scary.

You just adopted a new cat or puppy and noticed that your dog is not ready to interact with the cat and show fear. Keeping both of these animals under the same roof is a complex task.

Take a deep breath and prepare yourself to help your puppy overcome this fear and make the animals get along.

Being on the same page is a clear reflection that you want to help your dog cope with this cat fear. I appreciate your effort to find this correct guide to solving this problem.

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Why dog finds a cat scary?

Firstly, know about the reason dog finds cat scary. It’s because you never tried to introduce both of these animals. Dogs that are not introduced to cats when they are young are more likely to find cats scary.

While on the other hand, dogs that are appropriately introduced to cats face no issues in getting along with cats.

There is nothing wrong if we say that the first introduction of the animals decides whether they get along. When a first meeting is not good, fear, chasing, and aggression are the obvious dog behaviors.

So, it’s clear that your dog is scared because of your fault. But don't panic. The situation is still under your control. Keep yourself engaged with the guide and know about the possible ways to help your darling pup.

Introduce them carefully

The first impression is the last, no doubt. Similarly, when it’s about introducing dogs to cats, the first impression is crucial. If you want your dog and cat to get along well, show some effort while introducing them.

For this purpose, practice the following methods

Sense of smell

Firstly, keep both of these animals in separate rooms before the actual introduction. You will have to introduce their smells by swapping the toys and blankets.  Note that dogs and as well as cats feel safe when the scent is familiar to them.

Once you are sure that they are used to each other’s smell, it’s time to let them interact. Make sure to arrange the first interaction under the controlled settings. It will be best to carry your cat in your arms while keeping the dog on the leash. If your dog is not panicking and getting closer, congratulations, the introduction is successful.

But, if your pup is still scared of a cat, follow the process again.

Reward the positive behavior

The point mentioned above is not the end of the story, even if the first milestone is achieved. Encouraging positive behavior is the key to dog training.

Serving with a treat will let your dog understand that cats are not scary. Patting your pet at the right time and appreciating it will teach him to get along with the cat.

Teaching your dog about some basic verbal cues will help you in training sessions. Teach your pup to listen to you and don't pay much attention to the cat. Again, provide a treat when the dog is behaving according to you.

Discourage negative behavior

Your cat may attack the dog in reaction of the pup's instinctive behavior. Even cats may act aggressively without any reason. This can make your puppy frightened and put all your effort in vain.

Determine the overall case and address the negative behavior of pets. Spray your cat with water whenever she tries to be aggressive toward the dog. Also, re-train your pup if it's still acting as the instigator.

Eliminate health reasons

There is a possibility that your pup is scared of the cat because of some health condition. Thyroid disorder forces your dog to act weird around the cats. So, consult a vet and get your proper dog treatment before putting it in any training session.

Furthermore, if you fail to introduce your pets, hire a professional. It will be an excellent option to help your dog overcome the cat fear and live happily under the same roof.

FAQs related to Dogs fear of cats

How can I help my dog overcome the fear of cats?

Start with an excellent introduction to both of your pets. Maybe your dog is afraid of cats because you never put effort into introducing them. Scroll above and look at the simple methods mentioned in the guide and help your dog overcome the fear of cats. Exchange the scent of both animals before the actual interaction or introduction. For this purpose, please keep them in separate rooms and swap the blankets or toys. After this, the next step is the actual interaction of your furry animals.

Why my dog finds a cat scary?

There can be multiple reasons such as bad experiences, health issues, cat aggression, and improper introduction. You must adequately introduce your pets if you want them to get along under the same roof.

Are cats scared of dogs?

Maybe and maybe not. It depends on your pup's nature and the introduction session. If you introduced your cat to dogs at a young age, it would not be afraid of dogs. While on the other hand, less or no exposure to dogs will make your cat scared of dogs.

To wrap it up

Dogs are well known to chase cats and running behind them for no reason. But, there can be some weird cases of dogs scared of cats. Both of these cases are unwanted for dog parents when they want their pets to get along under the same roof. Know about the proper means of introducing dogs to cats and help them overcome their fear of cats.

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