How to Stop Excessive Barking?

How to Stop Excessive Barking?

Dog barks! We can’t deny that barking is a dog’s natural reaction. But, the excessive barking may put the owners in embarrassing situations.

None of us want a notice or complaint from our neighbors because our dog is not letting them sleep and continues barking at silly things.

Although we try hard to stop excessive barking but maybe our method is wrong.

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How to stop excessive barking


Firstly, notice the reasons for an excessive dog bark.

It is crucial to mention that dogs' bodies need exercise even regularly. Lack of exercise puts your dog into various behavioral issues, and excessive barking is one.

When there is no trigger and no health issue, lack of exercise will cause useless barking. Therefore, fetch out some time from your busy routine and ensure your furball is getting adequate activity.

Focusing on the other aspect, keep your dog busy with exercise to be tired at night and sleep peacefully instead of barking at silly things.

For this purpose, you can take your pup out for a walk. Having a dog walker will help you out in this situation.

Dog puzzles and toys

Maybe it’s just the boredom that puts your dog into behavioral issues.

You may notice that the dog barks at night because there is no other activity to perform.

In this case, bringing the dog toys or puzzles will be a good option. It’s about keeping your dog busy, so it will not bark over the useless things.

For this purpose, get both outdoors and as well as indoor toys. Again, don't approach the online stores for dog shopping because you may get the wrong product.

Note that purchase the toys depending on your dog’s breed.

Teach the verbal cues

Dog training starts from the first day you bring them home. Teach your dog about verbal cues to distract them from behavioral issues.

 Saying "Quite" in an upbeat tone will grab your pup's attention. Let your dog learn about the cues with the help of treats and rewards.

Don't give attention.

There is nothing wrong if we say dogs are hungry for the owner’s attention. They can do anything to grab your attention, and excessive barking is one of their tactics.

Dogs link the event chain and associate your behavior with any of their tactics. When you ask your dog to keep quiet, you give it attention. Hence, your dog interprets it this way barking is the way of grabbing your attention.

Therefore it’s highly recommended to ignore the pup when barking over useless things. Providing treats to make your dog silent is another most significant mistake we make as dog parents.

Know about the proper training lessons so your pup will not feel appreciated while barking.


You didn’t take your pup out from the time it came to your home! So now he starts barking, watching people, other dogs, birds, and even cars.

Reducing the social anxiety of your dog will treat the barking issues. Take your furball out for walks and exercise regularly. In this way, your dog will learn that being around other people is not something weird.

All of the mentioned ways are pretty easy to follow, even without the help of the third person. Ditch the idea of hiring a professional trainer because dogs obey owners more than anyone else.

The discussion is not yet closed. It’s time to shortlist some of your questions to cover more details.

FAQs related to excessive barking

What causes my dog to bark excessively?

There are different reasons on the list when discussing excessive barking, such as Stress, separation anxiety, boredom, and attention-seeking behavior. Some health issues may also cause behavioral problems. Addressing the reason is crucial when you want your pup to ditch the habit of excessive barking.

How do I stop my dog from excessive barking?

Not giving attention to the dog when barking is the simplest way to stop excessive barking. Moreover, notice the triggers and try removing them. If excessive barking is because of some outside view, keep your dog away from that view. Reducing boredom is another way to stop your dog from excessive barking. Serving your dog with toys and distracting it will help you out. Make sure to provide an adequate amount of exercise to your darling pup.

How do I get my dog to stop barking in no time?

All you have to do is teach your dog about some specific verbal cues. Saying a particular line in an upbeat tone stops the dog's bark. Try to distract your dog when there is some trigger around it.

To wrap it up

A loud dog bark is the owner's pride until it becomes excessive. None of us want a full-time barking dog because it’s irritating not only for us but also for neighbors. We should put some effort into getting rid of this excessive barking. We have to follow this specific guide and know the natural ways to stop dogs from excessive barking.

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