How can you build a stress-free bond with your dog?

How can you build a stress-free bond with your dog?

As Proud Dog Parents, we want the best for our dogs. Many companies online are just trying to make money through our beloved dogs. Proud Dog Parent's goal is to make you a better dog parent, so your dog is happier, safer, and healthier!

Why are we as humans so obsessed with our dogs? And why do dogs love to spend each moment with their owner?

It's because the dog-human has had an unbreakable bond for many years. We all love a friendly dog wagging its tail every time you enter the house. But, the question is how to build that bond with your pup.

Note that you will have to earn this stress-free bond with your dog.

Different breeds, different natures, but don't forget that all dogs crave their parent's time. Spending time with your dog, understanding its essence, playing with it, and doing fun is critical to a stress-free bond.

How can you build a stress-free bond with your dog?

Along with this, there are some other ways due to a stress-free bond with your dog. Note that the information provided to you is 100 percent authentic, taken from FREE EBOOK. Relieve stress and anxiety in your dog.

We approached the book because we were concerned. About dogs' health because many companies and sites sell wrong information and even products for money.

Let's dive into the methods of building a bond with your dog. 

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improve the bond with your dog

Bonding activities to do with your dog

Dog-friendly or positive training teaches your dog to behave well and builds a stress-free bond with your dog, as we know that positive training is about using treats or rewards to reinforce the dog's behavior. At the end of this positive reinforcement, you get the creative and flexible result and an Unbreakable relationship with your darling pup. Make sure to continue the lessons throughout your dog's life so that its skills will remain fluent. Positive training is a sort of improving your dog’s mental health.

Activity 1. Continue praising your dog

Do you know, dogs understand each of your actions and word! It makes your dog happy when you praise it, isn't it amazing. Although dogs are naughty and keep running everywhere, they still make some excellent choices throughout the day. Each correct action needs acknowledgment, such as where they are pooping, their way of interacting with others, and what they choose to chew.

Continue praising your dog

You may notice that we dole out when. Our dogs are young, but we are not doing the same when the pup is mature. This is the point where we stand on the wrong side because we just stopped appreciating the good stuff. Let your dog know that your love for him is the same as it was at the time of adoption so that it will be easy to build a stress-free bond.

All you have to do is praise your dog each time they make the right decisions, even if it's something ordinary. Try to promote positive reinforcement so your dog will feel more connected to you.

Activity 2. Give choices to your dog

Think about your pup's daily life; it's all about it. They walk, eat, and enjoy according to the owner's choice. Maybe you are responsible as a parent but strict at the same time, never liked by dogs. Understand the fact that life without any personal preference directly affects mental health. Therefore, deliver happy our dog life. Your dog and let it make some choices for itself. Let your pup decide what should be in the meal, where it should walk, and what should be played.

In this way, you can improve the cognitive abilities of your darling pup along with your bond.

Activity 3. Learn the body language

We can't deny that our dogs are very talkative because they keep communicating with us. However, sometimes we miss picking upon what the dog is saying.  Mostly, dogs look to the owner because they expect support.

Our dog is playing around and doing fun stuff, or maybe that’s what we only notice about them. Perhaps we are not paying attention when our dog is stressed; it's due to the gap in our understanding level. Therefore, it's highly recommended to learn your dog’s body language.

Be the first to calm yourself down when it is feeling down or stressed. So, your dog will be the first one to approach you in your low times. It will be the aar reflection of a stress-free bond with your dog.

Activity 4. Add Unpredictability

You like surprises! Similarly, our pups get excited at wonders.

Don't be too obvious with meals because dogs love unpredictability. Maybe your pup expects some cute small surprises from you. It's a great source of happiness for your dog when you amaze them with clueless things. Due to this sort of action, your dog understands that your love for them is pure, and hence you can build a stress-free bond with your dog.

Furthermore, you can do anything which your dog likes. There can be numerous other ways to please your dog and build a stress-free bond. Building a stress-free bond reflect that you and your pup are there for each other, especially in low times.

You can stick to one or more methods from the list when you desperately want a flawless bond with your darling pup.

How to bond with your puppy?

Of course, the tips for dogs also apply to puppies. Still, a puppy is slightly different than some older dogs. Your puppy might be afraid of the new environment, people, and life of his mother.

The right mindset
It is essential to realize that your puppy is discovering the world. So be patient with your puppy, observe his body language and allow him a playful environment.

Tip 1. Establish a routine

Just like humans, puppies need structure and routines. Teach your puppy what to expect each day. Set up a schedule for him with set times when you will play with him, eat with him, and sleep with him. In this way, he will learn what you expect from him, and you will improve your bond with him.

Tip 2. Puppy Training

The number one way to strengthen the bond with your puppy is to go on puppy training with him. In this training, you will learn how to communicate in the best way with your puppy. In addition, it is super fun for your puppy to meet other puppies, and he knows to deal with other dogs in a playful way.

Tip 3. Train with your puppy

Go for a nice walk with him at fixed times a day. Keep in mind that you should not walk too much with him. Especially in the beginning, puppies are tired quickly.

Tip 4. Set limits

Dogs need clarity. You are his dog parent, so you need to provide that clarity for him. It is essential to set these boundaries at an early stage. What is most important here is that you are consistent. A puppy gets confused quickly if his dog parent is not compatible.

Is my dog bonded to my quiz?.

The question is: how connected are you and your dog? In this video, Nigel Reed shows how a dog shows his trust in you as a proud dog parent. So worth watching! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is my dog bonding with someone else? 

Just like humans, dogs can have a preference for a dog parent. This is based on the dog's association and experiences. Still, it isn't enjoyable if your dog does not gravitate toward you.

If your dog has a strong preference, .e.g., your partner, we recommend the following.

  • Tip 1: give food to your dog. Your dog will associate this good experience with you.
  • Tip 2: Play with him more often. Playing is the ideal way to build a bond with your dog.
  • Tip 3: Sometimes, the problem is more complex. For example, it may be due to the dog's personality. Try to alternate walks, playing, and eating.

Q2. Can Dogs change their favorite person? 

It is certainly possible that the favorite person will change over time. Dogs associate good experiences with people. So if you build up good experiences with your dog, he will automatically link it to you. 

To wrap it up

Adopting the dog is not the end of the story; we all should build a stress-free bond with our pups. There is nothing wrong with saying that dogs can be our best shoulder in low times. Similarly, we are the ones our puppy needs in its depression or stressful times.  Building a stress-free bond expects some steps of effort from us. Therefore, we should keep our motive in mind while spending time with our furball. Training a dog at home, grooming it yourself, and playing its favorite game are all suggested activities for an unbreakable bond. It is highly recommended to listen to your heart when you are about to put some effort into building this bond. Note that dogs can feel our love for them, so they will appreciate your efforts by behaving positively.

Also, download our free ebook: Relieve stress & anxiety in your dog!  In this free e-book, dog experts from Proud Dog Parents provide helpful tools to help your dog experience less stress and anxiety.  

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