Dog anxiety going outside

Dog anxiety going outside

For us it’s a universal truth that dogs love to go outside but what’s that! Your dog is denying to step out of the home. Why so!

You being here is proof that your dog is not willing to go outside and even it’s getting stressed. That's the point where multiple questions pop up in your mind.

For us, it’s not normal dog behavior when it’s not ready to go out of the home. So, as a responsible dog parent, you must focus on the reasons. Such dog behavior is new which makes it difficult for you to judge the actual causes.

But, don’t panic!

Proud dog parent is making it easy for you and it’s intended to help you take good care of dogs. All you have to do is to keep yourself engaged with the guide and know the possible reasons.

Firstly, we have a suggestion for you to visit authentic sources. Most of the sites are selling wrong information and even products. Such sites don’t care about your dog’s health because their love for dogs is not real. All they need is money even at the cost of your dog’s life.

So, proud dog parents being an authentic source of information is serving you with this guide.

I believe, knowing about the possible reasons related to some dog issues is the first step toward its treatment.

So let’s have a look at the reasons your dog is anxious while going outside.

Why my dog is afraid of going outside?

Puppy panic

Maybe you just adopted a puppy and walking it for the very first time. Know that new puppies are more likely to slam on brakes when you are taking them out for the very first time.

The unfamiliar surroundings, the public, the strangers, the other animals, and even loud sounds include in the reasons.

In this case, give your dog some time to understand this new world. Don't lose hope and try convincing it to walk regularly. According to proud dog parents, you must be consistent when it’s about teaching your dog a new lesson or behavior.

Moreover, train your dog to walk on a leash (get this guide on proud dog parents).

Negative experience

Maybe your dog has some traumatic picture in its mind. A negative experience is also a reason your dog is afraid of going outside.

Dogs are known for their association habits. They associate the events with certain things and assume it is bad for a lifetime. Accidents, stuck leashes, and not having food at the last walk are bad experiences for your pup.

As a responsible dog parent, you must help your dog overcome its fear of going outside. It’s easy by using rewards or treat. Make outside activities fun for your dog so it will not be afraid of going out.

Not trained to walk on a leash

The collar is something new for your dog and it’s not happy with this new accessory. Leash, what’s that! Your dog is clueless regarding what’s happening and why you putting on such things over it.

It’s because your dog is not trained to walk on a leash. You never introduce your dog to a leash and that’s why it’s behaving weird while going outside.

As mentioned above, it would be good if you train your dog to walk on a leash. In this way, your dog will not get stressed or aggressive when you want it to move out of the home.

It is highly recommended for the parents to have some courage, don't lose hope, and be consistent.


I want to ask if your dog is healthy or suffering from some pain? If your dog is always excited about going out but suddenly it is showing reluctant behavior, may be facing some health issue.

Joint pain or muscle stretch is the possible issue your dog is denying going outside. Or maybe your dog is having some broken nail issue. Cuts at your pup's paw are another painful condition stopping your dog from going outside.

Spend more time with your dog and try noticing the signs of illness or pain.

Furthermore, fear of electric fence, new home, long route, and even sound sensitivity are there within the list.

Let’s have a look at the FAQ section to cover more details under the same topic.

FAQs related to dog anxiety

What are the reasons for dog stress at night?

Unfortunately, the list is pretty lengthy when it’s about the reason for stress in dogs. The most common reasons within the list are separation anxiety along with the comfortable bed. Sometimes the illness and lack of exercise also cause stress at night. Maybe your dog needs to go out to poop or pee and that's giving it stress. Not sleeping near you and loud sounds in surroundings are included within the list. Above all, unsuitable crates may cause stress.

Is it possible to reduce dog stress?

Yes, spending quality time, playing multiple games, dog grooming, allowing them to sleep near you, and exercise are some simple ways to reduce Dog's stress. Note that, no matter the reason for stress in your darling pup, it’s easy to reduce just by your company. Make sure to build a strong bond and fetch out some time from your routine to be with your furball.

What are the signs of stress in dogs?

Excessive barking, sudden urination, panting, drooling, and behavioral issues are clear signs of stress in dogs. Ruining up the things and chewing non-eatable things may include the symptoms of anxiety in dogs.

To wrap it up

Most dogs are excited about going outside for walks and workouts but sometimes you may notice the opposite behavior. There is a wide range of reasons your dog is not happy about going outside. To know about the reasons, scroll up and read the guide carefully. The purpose of mentioning the reason is to help you when you are struggling to reduce dog anxiety. To know more, explore proud dog parents and hence treat your dog's issue within no time. Reading the guides will make you realize that reducing dog anxiety is not something impossible. It just requires patience and dedication.

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