Dog anxiety from moving

Dog anxiety from moving

You are excited about moving to your brand new home. But what’s that? Your dog is not happy, even if it’s throwing tantrums and getting anxious. Why so!

Being here is proof that you are moving to a new home and your dog is giving you a tough time. And now, you are exploring the internet to know about reasons and even solution for dog anxiety from moving.

Let’s ignore the reasons and focus more on the solution to reduce your pup's anxiety.

Luckily, a proud dog parent is intended to help you in this challenging time. We are here with a straightforward and practical guide to help you.

Firstly, let me take a moment to appreciate your effort in fetching out an authentic source of information. It shows your true love for your furball. While exploring the internet for solutions, you may interact with some online sites offering dog products. Trust me, most of such sites are nothing more than scams. They are selling wrong products and even information. Again, don't trust such sites.

So let’s jump to the guide and learn about the natural ways to reduce dog anxiety.

How to reduce dog anxiety

Visit a new home with the dog before moving

We all go for a home visit before actually moving into it. Please take your dog on the visit to your new home. In this way, your dog will not get stressed when you move to the new house. Make some effort to familiarize your dog with the surrounding areas, backyard, and its new room. Moreover, using treats or rewarding your dog can be a good approach.

Don't isolate your dog!

According to proud dog parents, isolating your dog can be a bad option. Separating your dog means making it stressful while move to a new home. The dog needs your time and attention no matter what. They are selfish for their time even if you are busy moving to a new home. Isolating them or not giving proper time to your dog gives them tendencies and behavioral issues.

If you isolate your dog while moving, it may associate the stress with a new home. In this way, your pup will not get happy even when you try hard to calm it down.

Make a proper routine.

Are you following some routine in an old house! If yes, it’s highly recommended to follow the same way in your new home. If not, then try making a proper routine for your darling pup.

According to proud dog parents, fix a proper time to walk your dog, feed him, and sleep. Be strict about following the same routine daily so your dog will get habitual.

The more your dog lives according to a specific routine, the less it will get stressed.

Manage the moving day

Don't rush things on a moving day. There is a chance that your dog may get stressed or anxious watching people leaving home. Don’t keep your dog alone at this time. It would be better if one person took your pup's charge and provided constant attention. In this way, your dog will not freak out that you are leaving it alone at home.

Ensure that you give your dog's charge to someone familiar with your dog. Your dog will not get anxious if it already knows the other person and is comfortable with it.

Take its old toys to a new home.

While packing goods for your new home, don't forget your pup's accessories. Keep in mind to pack your dog's toys, blanket, pillow, and even bed. In this way, your dog will not feel weird a new place. Arranging a new dog room similar to the old one is another good way to calm your dog and reduce its stress from moving.

Regular exercise

It’s no surprise that a dog's body needs exercise and walking to behave well. Proper exercise is your pup's key to proper functioning. Therefore, it is highly recommended to take your dog out for regular exercise. Try to keep your dog busy even in the new home not to get stressed.

Furthermore, there are some questions from the dog owners. Please have a look at their answer for a proper understanding level.

FAQs related to Dog anxiety from moving

Why is my dog not happy in the new home?

There is a wide range of reasons your dog is not happy about moving to a new home. Maybe your dog is missing its old room or sleeping spot. Perhaps you forget to bring your toys or bed. Loud sounds in surroundings, not having friends, and leaving it alone are some reasons. Maybe you are not spending quality time with your dog and not walking it. All such things become the cause of dog stress and anxiety.

How to keep my dog calm in a new place?

Luckily, it’s easy to keep your dog calinat the new place. All you have to do is bring its old toys and even a bed. Don’t forget to get your dog crate from your old home. AloTryending more time with your darling pup and serve it with delicious treats. Take your dog out for walks and exercise. Make a proper routine and keep your pup busy not to get stressed in the new place.

Should I exercise my dog regularly?

Yes, exercise is something that you should not skip when it’s about training your dog to be calm. Exercise plays an essential role in a dog's life, not just in training. There is a strict recommendation for dog owners that you can skip your dog’s meal but not exercise.

To wrap it up

You are moving to your home and quite excited about this, but your dog's case is the opposite. It’s not just unhappy but may get stressed from moving. Multiple reasons make your dog anxious while moving to a new home. Know about the proper ways to keep your dog calm and reduce its stress from moving. Scroll up and read the guide carefully. To know more about lowering dog anxiety, explore proud dog parents.

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