Does my dog get stressed when I yell at him?

Does my dog get stressed when I yell at him?


Your dog is not behaving well, and that's forcing you to yell at him.

Do you think yelling is going to work in your favor! No, it's not. Yelling is not a solution but acts as the oil in the fire. Dog aggression and stress are the results of yelling.

So, the straightforward answer to your question is. Yes, your dog gets stressed when you yell at him. Even according to different studies yelling at your dog makes it more aggressive and even stubborn but never gives you positive results.

We believe love is the key to convince your dog to act according to you. So, it’s clear that yelling is not going to serve you positively.

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At this point, you got the answer that yes dog gets stressed when you yell at him. So, the next step is to know about the alternative behavior. Parents ask the question, "what should we do instead of yelling at our dog?"

Again, proud dog parents is here for your help. So keep reading.

What you can do instead of yelling at the dog

Ignore your dog

It sounds counterintuitive! But punishing or yelling is wrong. By yelling at your dog, you can’t teach him positive behavior. Yelling changes your pup’s behavior but in a negative sense.

Sometimes it’s better to ignore things instead of giving attention. Yelling is another form of attention, and maybe that's what your dog wants.

According to proud dog parents, don't pay attention if your dog is doing something wrong or showing bad behavior. For example, if your dog is barking at silly things, ignore him. Most of the time, dogs throw tantrums to get your attention, whether positive or negative.

Try serving your dog with a treat when it’s quiet. In this way, your dog will understand the difference between good or bad behavior.

Communicate calmly or positively

In case your pup has mood swings and it’s barking excessively, remain calm. Make sure to communicate gently because yelling at the dog make him stress.

Note that your dog calms down when you are in a good mood with it. Training your dog calmly can be the most effective way to help him adopt a new behavior.

Use verbal commands

Make sure that your dog knows about some basic commands. So, when your dog is not behaving well, try using verbal cues instead of yelling at him. In this way, you can grab your dog's attention and may distract it from destructive behavior.

Remain calm

Don't be aggressive; remain calm

Aggression in answer to bad behavior is not a solution. Mistreating your dog and yelling at it not just make it stressful but also aggressive. Therefore, you must keep your tone low and behave gently with your darling pup.

Positive training

Maybe your dog is aggressive or ill-mannered because you never trained it to be good. Pup's bad behavior makes you irritated and hence forces you to yell at him. Yelling is not the solution, but it may cause more problems for you.

Therefore, start the positive training of your dog. We believe that positive training starts from the day your dog comes home. It would be good to know about your dog's behavior and start training it to behave well.

Along with, reward your dog for good habits, so it will know the right way to get treatment and its attention.

Furthermore, there are some questions worth answering. Reading the FAQs section will aid more in your knowledge.

FAQs related to Dog stress due to yelling

What makes my dog get stressed?

There is a wide range of things that causes stress and anxiety in dogs. Loud sounds or strangers can be the reason your dog is stressed. Not getting your attention or you yelling at them is another primary reason. Illness or some health issues may put your dog in stress and depression.

Why is my dog barking excessively?

Being stressed can be a reason your dog is barking excessively. Some distractions, such as loud sounds or small creatures, are additional reasons. The presence of a stranger at your side and even hunger forces your dog to bark excessively. At the same time, it can be to grab your attention or demand a treat from you. Illness, pain, or health issues are included in the list. Note that less or no exercise causes behavioral problems, and barking excessively is one of them.

Should I treat my dog aggressively?

No, not at all. It would be best if you did not treat your dog aggressively. Try not to yell at your dog because it makes the situation worst. Yelling at your dog or being aggressive means promoting your pup's bad behavior. Instead, ignore your dog or try communicating gently. Additionally, you can read the guide and follow the ways of dog handling.

To wrap it up

It’s no surprise that we love our pups unconditionally, but some of their habits make us unhappy. In this case, have a strong grip over positive and calm behavior. As a loving and responsible dog parent, you must not yell at your dog. Instead, you must try to be calm and communicate gently. Treating your dog aggressively can be the worst approach to handle a pup because it may get more aggressive. So, proud dog parents presented the guide for you containing the alternative ways to manage your dog. Please read the guide carefully and follow it properly.

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