Natural ways to reduce anxiety in your dog

Natural ways to reduce anxiety in your dog

Surprisingly, dogs and humans have almost the same neurological processes.

So it’s pretty understandable that just like a human, dogs are face anxiety issues.

Natural ways to reduce anxiety in your dog

Anxiety can affect all dog breeds, but its effect and duration may vary from individual to individual. It’s not a constant issue, but dogs can face anxiety from time to time.

Know that anxiety can make your dog aggressive and wild if left unchecked for a longer time.

As a Proud Dog Parent, it’s an unpleasant feeling to know that our darling pup is suffering from anxiety. Therefore, we must make some effort to pull our dog out of its stress and anxiety.


How do you determine that your dog has anxiety? What will be the next step, and how can you treat your pup's anxiety? And many other questions asked by dog parents.

These questions are answered by our dog experts from proud dog parents, an authentic platform rich in dog-related guides.

For determining, you must know about the clear signs of dog anxiety (explore proud dog parents to learn about symptoms). For treatment, there is a wide range of solutions or precautions to take.

To know more, download our free ebook: Relieve stress and anxiety in your dog can be a good option. This free ebook is designed to help you be a better dog parent and recognize signs that indicate stress and anxiety. 

Knowing about the natural ways to reduce anxiety in dogs is our primary concern. Keep yourself engaged with the blog till the end and reduce your dog's stress in the most effective ways.

Let’s dive into the Natural ways to reduce anxiety in your dog, reviewed from our free ebook Relieve stress and anxiety in a dog.

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3 Natural ways to reduce anxiety in your dog

You came home and expecting your dog to welcome you, but what's that? It is sitting in the corner with no excitement!

Firstly, try to understand the root problem of why your dog is a couch potato. Knowing the right reasons for bothering your dog can be an excellent approach to treat anxiety issues.

Although you find many companies promising to provide products to reduce dog anxiety, most of these are lame.

There is no better solution than parents spending quality time with their dogs. Therefore, don’t be fooled by expensive dog medicines or guides.

Learn more from Proud Dog Parents' certified dog experts about anxiety and stress. 

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Once you got the point, move ahead to the best ways to reduce anxiety in your dog.

1. Natural way to reduce anxiety: Exercise

Sometimes, dogs are stressed because they are not getting the proper amount of physical activity.

Dog Exercise to reduce stress

Note that exercise is a crucial part of a dog's life, and they may get behavioral issues in case of irresponsibility.

Anxiety is evident when you are not spending quality time with your dog and not taking it for regular walks. In this case, bring some change in your busy routine and try to play more with your furball. Take your dog outside for morning walks, involve it in swimming and other games.

Regular exercise is the most effective and straightforward way to reduce anxiety in your dog. Even if you are serving your dog with proper exercise, it may not get anxiety again in the future.

2. Natural way to reduce anxiety: Massage & brushing

You will not deny that massage is quite soothing, and it helps us while feeling stress. Similarly, dogs also find massage as a soothing and relaxing activity. Serve your dog with the same massage treatment, and you will notice reduced anxiety.

Massage and Brushing to reduce stress

Furthermore, dogs love the attention and time of their parents. While doing massage or brushing, you give your pup time, which is again a source of relaxation for your furball.

Plus, most of the dogs scratch their skin while feeling alone or stressed. So a thorough massage will deliver a pleasant feeling. Also, grooming builds up a strong bond between the owner and dog.

According to FREE BOOK Reliever stress and anxiety in dogs, CBD oil can be a good idea for massaging your pup. A few drops of CBD oil can relax your dog by relieving joint pains. Along with this, the oil provides a soothing sensation to nerves and hence reduces the anxiety in your dog.

3. Natural way to reduce anxiety: Training and Counterconditioning

Moving ahead within the natural ways to reduce anxiety in dogs, the next one is training. There is a wide range of strategies that parents can use to reduce dog anxiety. Counterconditioning is away included to treat dog anxiety.

Training and Counterconditioning to reduce anxiety

The motive behind counterconditioning is to control the dog's reactions to some specific stimuli responsible for stress or anxiety. The process is all about replacing the aggressive response of the dog with desirable behavior.

4. Natural way to reduce anxiety: Mental Stimulation

The dog experts at Proud Dog Parents also recommend letting your dog listen to soothing music. A study at the University of Glasgow has shown that soothing music decreases your dog's stress levels.

Is your dog stressed? Then let him hear this music set:

According to our free ebook: Relieve stress and anxiety in a dog, desensitization is another training strategy. In this process, parents introduce dogs to the possible sources of anxiety along with positive enforcement. In this way, dogs learn about managing their stress.

The above-mentioned natural ways are easy to follow even without the help of dog trainers. Again, don't use useless accessories or medications and try the realistic strategies as explained in proud dog parents.

5. Natural way to reduce anxiety: Grooming

We speak to many proud dog parents who prefer not to give CBD to their sweet dogs. With this blog, we hope to give you practical tips on how to remedy anxiety in your dog naturally.

Dog grooming to reduce stress

Grooming is a great alternative to let your dog de-stress. Most dogs love grooming. Experts at Proud Dog Parents have done tests on dogs showing that dogs' heart rates decrease during grooming.

So, grooming is the ideal way to make your dog feel less anxious.

Naturally calming foods for dogs

In this article, we have not talked about one important topic yet, and that is: food. Food is of great importance to the health of your dear dog.

Years back, I had to deal with a super stressed dog who bit himself and pulled hairs out of his coat. He had been through terrible things and he suffers from that to this day. Luckily we found super sweet owner. Yet he continues to suffer from stress and anxiety.

One of the things we discovered is that food has a huge influence on the dog. The selection of power food helped him keep the traumatic experiences in check. Super food that gives your dog less stress and anxiety:

1. Calming dog food: Steak 🥩

Steak makes your dog feel less stressed and anxious. Steak contains many healthy vitamins that are vital to your dog's immune system.

2. Calming dog food: Blueberries🍇

In addition to meat and consequences, fruits and vegetables are also a very good way to help your dog experience less stress and anxiety in a natural way. A super-fruit is blueberries. Blueberries contain many antioxidants that are good for your dog. Train your dog to catch the blueberries.

3. Calming dog food: Bananas🍌

Dogs can eat bananas just like humans. And they are super healthy too. They contain lots of vitamins and are a super alternative to regular food.

4. Calming dog food: Kale🥦

Kale may not be your dog's favorite food. Yet kale is a great nutrient to reduce stress levels in your dog. In fact, kale contains many healthy vitamins (A, C, and K) that will make your dog calmer.

To wrap it up

Adopting a dog is not the end of the story; you must have time for its proper care. Note that dogs suffer from anxiety when parents fail to give them a balanced lifestyle. Deep research about the needs of dog breed is a good approach before actually adopting it.

Luckily proud dog parents are there with accurate information in all of its guides. The site's primary concern is to serve the readers with the correct information so they can raise their dogs correctly. If you, as a dog parent, are not in favor of harsh medicines, you must go ahead with the recommendations of proud dog parents. The other authentic source of information is our free ebook: Relieve stress and anxiety in a dog. The accessible nature of the book reflects the point that its authors are not compromising dog's health for the sake of money.

We love it when you leave a message. What are your experiences with stress in your dog and what have you done about it? 😊

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